GOVERNOR- Rtn. Jagadeeswara Rao

Rtn.Maddu Jageeswara Rao, affectionately called Jagadeesh was born on August 11, 1959. A diploma holder in Electrical Engineering, he started his professional career as a turnkey service provider in electrical and mechanical projects. Later he established himself the business of Consumer Electronics and Plywood, under the banner 'Vijaya Vahini Enterprises. Footloose coupled with enthusiasm, Rtn. Jagadeesh has widely travelled and visited more than 25 nations on business, vacation, Rotary and attended three International Conventions.

Rtn. Jagadeesh was taken into Rotary fold by Rotary Club, Visakhapatnam South in the millennium year 1999-2000. One who always aspires for the best and strikes to achieve that he is. He earned for his home club good many awards as its President during the Rotary's 101st year 2005-06.

Rtn. Jagadeesh was taken into Rotary fold by Rotary Club, Visakhapatnam South in the millennium year 1999-2000. One who always aspires for the best and strikes to achieve that he is. He earned for his home club good many awards as its President during the Rotary's 101st year 2005-06.

Moving further upwards, he held several coveted positions in the District and lent charm in those offices by his untiring services to the offices of Chairman PETS and SETS, District Awards, Member DGNC, Asst. Govenor, District Secretary, District Membership Chair and Assistant District Rotary Foundation Chair. His zeal and, commitment and leadership qualities brought him honours as 'Outstanding' in all the positions. He bagged Outstanding District Chairman, Outstanding Assistant Governor, and Outstanding District Secretary Awards. Feathers in the cap of his achievements are District Service above Self Award and District Hall of Fame Award. His efforts have put the District in No.1 position in Zone V in Membership Development during 2013-14.

As a person with concern for the society, he took the reins of Rotary Club Visakhapatnam South Charitable trust as its founder chairman, which is in the process of establishing a Blood Bank at Gajuwaka. Rtn.Jagadish has a flair for training which made him a qualified trainer by the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI).

Give and motivate others to give for Rotary Foundation is his philosophy. Charity begins at home His love for Rotary Foundation is profound and deep on his life and is explicitly evident from the contributions he made to Rotary Foundation. He is a Second Level Major Donor, Paul Harris Society Member and a Benefactor. All his family members Paul Harris fellows too. He encouraged many Rotarians and non-Rotarians to contribute for the Rotary Foundation. He extensively campaigned for contributions to Polio Fund. It is no wonder that he is hatrik award winner of the prestigious 'The Rotary Foundation District Service Award'.

Rtn. Jagadish is proud to be the head of an ideal Family. A loving wife Ann. Satyavathi, promising son Vijaya Bhaskar and obliging daughter Vijayavahini, both the children are graduates in Engineering and are married. Rtn. Jagadeesh loves to spend leisure time with his loving grand children.

Rtn. Jagadish loves old movies and is fond of music. A firm believer in the 3Ds of Determination, Dedication, Dynamism, Rtn. Jagadeesh has been unanimously electd to the office of Governor to lead the RI District 3020 to greater heights in 2015-16. A perfect blend of Professionalism, Family Virtues, and Philanthropy is Rtn. Maddu Jagadeeswara Rao.

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1989-90 Rtn.PHF.Dharma Raju Rtn.Niranjan Rao
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1999-2000 Rtn.V.M.Kishore Kumar Rtn.PK.Anjaneyulu
2000-01 Rtn.Viml Singh Sethia Rtn. PHF.Nirmal Dugar
2001-02 Rtn.M.Poornachandra Rao Rtn.K.Murali Mohana Rao
2002-03 Rtn.PHF.Y.Sanjeeva Rao Rtn.N.Siva Prasad
2003-04 Rtn. PHF.RV.Rajshekher Rtn. PHF.G.Ravi Varma
2004-05 Rtn. PHF.Nirmal Dugar Rtn.N.Muhan Muthyala Rao
2005-06 Rtn. PHF.M.Jagadeeswarao Rtn. PHF.R.Ramaraju
2006-07 Rtn. PHF.G.Ravi Varma Rtn.PL.Bheemesh
2007-08 Rtn. PHF.R.Ramaraju Rtn. PHF.A.Ramesh
2008-09 Rtn. PHF.S.Goutham Rtn. PHF.RV.Raj Shekher
2009-10 Rtn. PHF.A.Ramesh Rtn.B.Sridher
2010-11 Rtn. PHF.K.Satyanaraya Reddy Rtn. PHF.Nirmal Dugar
2011-12 Rtn. PHF.Y.Venkanna Choudary Rtn. PHF.K.Srinivasa Reddy
2012-13 Rtn.CH.Satyanaraya Rtn.JVV.Prasad Raju
2013-14 Rtn. PHF.A.N.Reddy Rtn.V.Sivarama Prasad
2014-15 Rtn.K.Sreenivas Reddy Rtn.R.Raj Shakher
2015-16 Rtn.Dr.S.Panduranga Prasad Rtn.J.Lakshmi Narayana
2016-17 Rtn. P. Chinna Rao Rtn.M.Ravikanth
2017-18 Rtn.PHF. G. Ravi Varma Rtn.L.Narasimha Murhthy G

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